Set up or Change a Council Tax Direct Debit

You can quickly set up a direct debit or change your existing direct debit by using our online form.

Opting to pay by direct debit takes the stress and inconvenience out of paying your Council Tax. Payments are covered by the direct debit guarantee, so you're still in control and your money is safe.

Payment dates available are 1st, 8th, 16th, 24th, the last day of the month or weekly on each Friday. Payment will be taken until January or until March depending on your chosen payment option.

If you have any difficulty in completing this form please email

Please note:

If you pay by direct debit, any changes made to your payment method by completing this form may impact your next payment date and/or instalment amount. Your recalculated instalment(s) will be included in your revised bill.

If you select to pay via direct debit, we must give your bank at least 5 working days notice of a new direct debit instruction. If your chosen payment date is within 5 working days, your first instalment will not be requested until the following month.

Processing your Data

The Council Tax Administration Privacy Notice is provided to explain what information the council needs in order to administer your Council Tax.

Full details of how the council collects, gathers and processes your data can be found on the Data Protection and GDPR pages of our website.